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article 15 ayushman Khurana upcoming movie, review, cast, release date.

Article 15 is an upcoming investigative drama movie of ayushman Khurana .which is going to release on 28 June 2019. After entertaining the audience in ‘Badhai Ho’, and ' andhadhun movie', Ayushmann Khurrana is all set to impress the audience once again with his power-packed performance in his upcoming film, ‘Article 15’.

Article 15 is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language cop process film.

directed by Zee Studios and directed by Anubhav Sinha.

Gaurav Solanki and Anubhav Sinha have written the script for the film.

It stars like Ayushman Khurana, Isha Talwar, Sayani Gupta, Kumud Mishra, and Manoj Pahwa.

article 15 ayushman Khurana upcoming movie, review, cast, release date
article 15 ayushman Khurana upcoming movie poster.

start cast of the article 15 movie

Directed by
Anubhav Sinha

Produced by
Anubhav Sinha
Zee Studios

Written by
Gaurav Solanki
Anubhav Sinha

Music by
Anurag Saikia
Mika Singh

Ewan Mulligan
Edited by
Ballu Saluja
Benaras Media Works
Zee Studios
Distributed by
Zee Studios

Release date
28 June 2019


plot or story base of the article 15 movie.

The film is based on Article 15 of the Indian Constitution.

which prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, caste, sex or place of birth.

Article 15 takes inspiration from the events of true life.

Manoj Pahwa, who played a key role in the film, said while talking to ANI

"This film is not uniquely based on the heinous crime in Badayun, where two girls were raped and hanged.

Badaun is inspired by the rape incident, and we have included some excerpts from it.
Ayushman Playing the role of a policeman for the first time and can be seen wearing the costume without any no-nonsense police officer.

Interestingly, the sunglasses worn by the actor say a lot about the film and its character.

in the lens, The bodies of two girls are seen hanging from a tree.

which produces quite a suspense.

On the other side of the lens, viewers can spot a group of people protesting against crime.

Today marks the completion of five years of Badayun rape case.

where two teenage girls were gang-raped and they were hanged and hanged while they were still alive.

here you can watch the official teaser of the article 15 movie.

In this intriguing trailer, with biased social norms showing Ayushman Khurana fighting.

The trailer begins with disturbing scenes of rape and communal riots.

While highlighting the plight of the people of the backward castes in the country, the narrator says, "We are invisible to them.

Sometimes we are judged untouchable, and sometimes in the form of a scheduled caste but never as a general citizen. "

Ayushman Khurana playing the role of a strong cop in the film.

which strives for justice for two Dalit women, who were mass raped and murdered by the high caste men.

The attempts by the protagonist to refute our memories of Article 15 of the Indian Constitution, which try to designate the culprit as a case of honor killings.

production of the movie

The makers declare that the film is based on surprising true events.

‘Article 15’ of the Indian Constitution is about the prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.

The teaser opens with the voice of Ayushman, who recites Article 15 from the Constitution of India.

It gives people the right to 'abide by equality,' or equality.

No state will be discriminated against on the basis of religion, caste, creed or gender, it has been said in this article

However, the pictures that follow, show that there is no such thing now in the country.

There are clips of throwing Molotov cocktails on the streets of rioters,

vehicles attacking and trying to control them.

Riot men appear wearing saffron heads and holding saffron flags.

Ayushman said at the end of the teaser" Farq bahut karlia, ab farq laenge (We have created enough differences, now we will bring a difference),’ 

Marketing and release of the movie

The film's lead actor Ayushman Khurana shared the first look of the movie on March 6, 2019, on Twitter.

poster of Khurana's first look was released on May 27, 2019, in the film.

It also includes the release date of the film.

Zee Music Company released the movie teaser on YouTube later that day

music or Soundtrack of the movie

Anurag Saikia has written the music of the film, and Shakeel Azmi has written songs.

review of the movie in Ayushman's view

"I am always scared of the socio-political scenario of our country but some movies show it fairly,"

Ayushman said earlier in a statement while talking about the film.

Experience is one of those few directors. Those who understand the complexities of our country.

I loved his country, was the most balanced film on communalism and extremism, and I am really excited to work with him.

Article 15 includes Kumud Mishra, Zeeshan Ayyub, Isha Talwar, Manoj Pahwa, Sayani Gupta, M Nasar, Ashish Verma, Sushil Pandey, Shubhrajyoti Bharat, and Rohini Chakraborty.

It will be release on June 28.

article 15 mp3 song - coming soon.

thanks for reading this article about article 15 ayushman Khurana's upcoming movie.

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