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diabetes wiki | type 1 |type 2| causes, treatment, symptoms, diet


diabetes wiki | type 1 |type 2| causes, treatment, symptoms, diet

Diabetes has become homesickness. And it is spreading fast all over the world. India is also called the World’s Diabetes Capital. Diabetes is a problem related to live lifestyle disorder, which can be kept in control with proper lifestyle and eating habits, this time because of the rapidly growing problem in home families. The theme of The Family and Diabetes.


On World Diabetes Day, our website has tried to find answers to diabetes-related questions, which we would like to know. The questions and their answers given to specialist doctors about this and their answers.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in the body, thereby decreasing the insulin in the body. Lack of insulin increases the amount of glucose in the blood. When the glucose level reaches the blood, there are many kinds of problems in the body. Glucose levels in the blood are limited To be more than it is diabetes.

What is insulin?

Insulin is a form of beta cells of paniciary, a hormone that is formed and exits, which keeps glucose levels and metabolism right that the body gets energy, the person works.

How does insulin form?

Insulin is formed according to the needs of the person in the body, in which it is produced on the basis of the hormone routine of its body. According to the need of the pancreatic body, insulin production is reduced or the capacity of each person is different.

What is Type 1 Diabetes?

In this, the immune system works against the body, so that the sugar level becomes unbalanced, the insulin stops building on the body, and it has to be taken to take insulin. It can be lean and thin.

What is type 2 diabetes?

This poor lifestyle and food is not done by fast food tension and exercising, insulin does not make it according to the need, insulin receptors can not be pulled in the way that glucose increases in the blood.

What is Gestational Diabetes Mellitus?

Diabetes in pregnancy is called Gestational diabetes mellitus. This childbirth gets cured by itself. If you do not have the knowledge of glucose levels during pregnancy, there may be congenital deformity in the fetus. An abortion can be caused by BP and stress in Gestational diabetes. Increasingly, the risk of delivery from the operation is high.

What is secondary diabetes?

This diabetes occurs with an endocrine disorder, people who have already had a disease and medicines are also susceptible to it because of the congenital deformity due to the glucose labeling in the blood. Typing may end in patients with Diabetes Kidney and Liver Transplant and other serious diseases.

what are your diabetes symptoms?

At the beginning, very common symptoms appear to be exhausted feeling too much thirsty urinin and excess weight loss, even after eating more, weight loss, feeling irritation in the genitals, frequent infections, filling the village without injuries, tingling eyes in the feet There is a problem showing less than.

What to do after showing signs of diabetes?

When symptoms appear, endocrinologist or general position should be shown. Blood confirmation test for the confirmation of the physician disease, blood test after 2 hours after eating empty stomach food. What is the level of glucose in the blood in the last 3 months is known by the HB1C test.

What is the problem with this?

Problems related to diabetes are divided into short term and long term. I have repeated urine infections, infections in urine infection and TV infection. After 5 years of diabetes in the long term, Problems start in which there are many problems within the body.

Some important facts in the context of diabetes

  1. is 5% to 10% if the patient is in various types of Type 1 diabetes or there may also be children after 1 year of age.
  2. 80% to 90% of patients are all over the world of A to Diabetes. Treatment is underway.
  3. People over 30 years of age have type 2 diabetes. Now, 12 to 30 years old people are getting.
  4. 35% of the patients ignore symptoms, which increases their problems.
  5. 90% of the population will be in the world by 2030, according to the International Diabetes Federation.

Understand the blood sugar level.

The normal blood sugar firing blood sugar of the healthy person is less than 100. After eating (PP) should be less than 140 HB1AC is less than 5.7, then it is normal.

Can handle pre-diabetes.

Fasting Blood Glucose 100 -125 Impressed Fasting After eating glucose (PP) 140-1155 impounded glucose dollar rate Tolerance HD AC 6.4 has reached, there is a need for consciousness.

Blood Sugar Level So happens confirmation Fasting Blood Sugar (FBG) After eating more than 126 MG / DL, the PP has become 200 mg DL then the level of HB1AC is higher than 6.4.

These 5 organs fall from diabetes with bad effect.

If diabetes remains uncontrolled for long periods of time, there is an effect on all parts of the body. But five limbs are most affected. Diabetes foot is also a serious problem, in some cases, it is possible to cut the leg.

  1. Diabetic neuropathy is the result of numbness, burning sensation, pain, and tingling in the feet of the patient’s hands. There is no pain, it does not seem to hurt. Because of high glucose in the blood, the cells are damaged and there is no realization.
  2. Paralysis Attack.
    Increasing the amount of sugar in the blood increases the risk of brain stroke. The ability to do the footwork in the hands ends with the clotting of the brain in the nerves. To avoid the paralysis attack, control blood sugar.
  3. Diabetic Nephropathy
    Uncontrolled blood glucose has a bad effect on the kidney. Chronic Kidney Disease After Kidney Infections The patient’s blood pressure is also unbalanced. Kidney patients have dialysis.
  4. Heart Problem
    The risk of heart attack remains. The situation of diabetic sufferer heart disease is very serious. The patient should continue to check the BP, once in 2 to 3 months the heart disease specialist must meet.
  5. Diabetic Retinopathy
    Patients with diabetes are susceptible to glaucoma and swelling of the eyes and blindness. Eyesight can be taken forever by not getting treatment on time. Keep exploring.

He had discovered the insulin.

Canadian scientist Sir Friedrich Grant Batting discovered the insulin in 1921 and tested it for dogs for the first time. After using the drug, they found that glucose levels in the blood decreased. In 1922, for the first time, 14-year-old children (Leonard Thompson was suffering from type-one diabetes) gave persistent insulin as an experiment. For the discovery of insulin in 1923, they were awarded two categories of Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

Five yogas who have diabetes patients benefit from.

Yoga of every patient of diabetes is of different kind, because it is due to which the cause of diabetes is due to the fact that yoga is said to be diagnosed with diabetes, with yogic in diabetes, pranayama, holding, meditation, and relaxation therapy Keep in mind that before starting Yoga, Surya Namaskar must do 4 times.

  1. Padahastasana – Insulin secretion increases with pressure on the stomach; Standing in tadasan slowly raise both hands above the armpit, leaving the breath slowly with hands, cervical, chest, waist, Do not try to hold the thumb of the feet or touch the ground with the palms. Do not let sleep desk high bp, hernia, and back pain, if not.
  2. pashchimottaanaasan (Weststation) – fat reduces obesity is reduced. To do this posture, sitting in Dandasan, both hands should be raised directly from the side of the upper side. After this, leaving the breath, you should slowly hold the soles of the feet with the fingers bent forward, do not do high BP, hernia, Do not and patients of hyper gastritis.
  3. Vracasan. Body Sales and Waist Strong Sitting in Dandasan, keep the left leg straight, turn the leg right, and bring the left hand near the knee to the leg to the right knee, holding the ankle to the right, holding the right hand on the ground behind the waist, turn the cervix right and bend. Note that every person can definitely get a yoga expert.
  4. Bhujangasan – Fat will decrease and diabetes control will remain. Laying the hands of the stomach directly on the side of the stomach should be placed next to the chest, then after taking the breath inwards, by pressing the ground with both hands, the chest should be raised above the navel. Everyone can do it, it is necessary caution and right Learn about the method only after using it.
  5. Chakrasan – The body becomes nimble. Laying the back of the back, move both hands upside down to keep the palms next to the hour. Turn the knees and keep near the buttocks. Raise the body on the feet and hands. Knee knees straighten the gain Meat muscles and cells are strong It does not Do those who have dizziness.

i feel very grateful by sharing such a informative piece of information about diabetes.

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